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iPharm -Manufacture

Manuafacturer TreatmentThe Manufacturing module will empower your users to handle complex procedures with relative ease, for both Oncology and Total Parental Nutrition (TPN). Constructing a treatment regime from scratch, making use of Protocol Templates, scheduling and monitoring patient treatments, and more, make this module essential for any manufacturing pharmacy.


Protocol Builder

Customised protocols are easily constructed and re-used as templates at will. Protocols may be assigned to a particular institution or doctor, to account for the individual nuances of the prescriber.

Integrated Scheduler

Treatment regimes are automatically scheduled and monitored for the life of the treatment cycle. Each dispensing to a patient triggers the scheduler to reflect the next appointment, which is effortlessly tracked with the built-in diary function.

Billing & Stock Control

Billing and stock control functions have been designed to cope with demands of the most complex manufacturing facility, taking bulk products, generics, and prescribing quantities into account.