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Accounts PayableInventory could be considered iPharm’s “engine room”, bringing together all the elements of a comprehensive multi-store environment which inturn, drive each of the other modules. Inventory lines, store or warehouse allocation, price control, vendor information and generic substitution are just of few of the fundamentals managed in this area.


Store Management

iPharm maintains distinct and separate warehouse controls for each designated store, allowing for independently controlled purchasing, stock control, pricing and reporting.

Inventory Journals

Incoming stock, stock adjustments and store transfers are all managed from a single discreet tool within the Inventory module.


A comprehensive tool for Generics management is included to assist with generic substitution where applicable, as well as guiding users in the selection of preferred brands. Product warnings and conditions which have been applied to specific Generics are also easily monitored here.


Controlling access to products at the store & vendor level is a natural extension of iPharm’s multi-store environment, establishing separate vendor accounts for each store, where a hassle free decentralised approach to store management is required. A variety of tools are also provided to assist with vendor pricing, including support for electronic updates.

Price Control

A number of tools are provided for both incoming and outgoing price control, managed either independently, or uniformly across every store. Several product pricing alternatives are available at the store level, which, when combined with cost centre or client pricing options, provide a choice for every circumstance. Special Pricing is also supported, when the need arises to provide your clients with access to unique prices, optionally set for a given length of time.

Linked Products

Soft manufactured products, comprised of multiple inventory lines, are easily accommodated using iPharm’s Linked Products feature. Each distribution of a Linked Product draws on the stock of it’s siblings, for completely accurate costings and stock control.

External Products

Matching or identifying mismatched products from a third party dispensing package is a breeze. Products can optionally be matched to those of different quantities, allowing for bulk items to be stocked where perhaps smaller items are dispensed.


A range of reports to streamline, audit, value and control your inventory are at your disposal. Barcodes are also easily printed based on a variety of criteria, including price variations and imprest lists.