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iPharm - Accounts Payable

Accounts PayableStock purchase management is critical to any inventory sensitive business, especially pharmacy. This module controls both vendors and purchases, as well as the stores (iPharm sites) that can make use of them.


Distributed Purchasing

With iPharm’s multi-store structure, purchases can be made centrally on behalf of one or more sites, or independently at each site as required. Remote sites placing orders can only do so from approved vendors as established with your own parameters, yet all data is maintained in one system for comprehensive control and reporting.

Purchasing Methods

iPharm employs a number of calculation methods for the creation of purchase orders, ranging from complex weighted averages to simpler minimum stock level checks. Factors such as lead times, time between orders, preferred brands, and pre-existing orders all combine to produce a suggested order which can then be previewed and modified if required.

Electronic Interfaces

Purchase orders can be submitted to vendors in a variety of ways, including fax, email and the most common EDI interfaces of major vendors.


Amongst the many reports available in this module, are auditing reports to track and trace the exact movements of specific products to help establish when and where it was ordered, and the sales recorded against it over a given period, for slow moving stock analysis.

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