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iPharm - Accounts Receivable

Accounts ReceivableLike iPharm’s Inventory Module, Accounts Receivable combines billing or costing data from all applicable modules, into one centralised management tool, for patients, clients and profit centres.


Comprehensive Debtor Management

Both patient and hospital billing information is accessible from this one location, presented in a clear and concise format for fact gathering, reconciliation and data entry.

Journal Entries

Journal entries may be required for a multitude of reasons such as account consolidations, and are fully supported in the Accounts Receivable module.

Shared Journals

Institutions that elect to pay accounts on behalf of their patients are easily accommodated with iPharm’s shared journal system. Patient scripts are simply flagged as “Hospital To Pay” for later posting to the nominated debtor account.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Handling large volumes of debtor transactions is easily streamlined with the addition of your banking institutions EFT profile, to facilitate direct debits from your client’s accounts.

Recurring Billing

For regular sales or expense tracking, iPharm’s Recurring Billing feature makes short work of any repetitive transactions, not matter what the frequency.


A full compliment of reports is provided, covering a range of requirements from credit control to aged debtors and taxation reports. Accessing source documents such as a Hire Order or Imprest Invoice in order to satisfy a query is a snap, without the need to switch modules.

Communication Tracker

In addition to the many reporting tools at your disposal for assisting credit control, iPharm allows you to record all the steps in the communication process, to ensure the complete picture is always at the user’s finger tips.


From your business’s point of view, this is perhaps the most sensitive of all iPharm modules, and is treated as so when it comes to security. Strict controls are in place to ensure transactions affecting your bottom line may only be added or modified by users with appropriate access.