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iPharm - Point Of Sale

Point of SaleDesigned to mirror the simplicity of a cash register, yet powerful enough to integrate the inventory of an entire warehouse, iPharm’s POS module is perfect for any pharmacy with retail requirements.

It’s simplicity belies the power hidden beneath the surface to ensure that all users can perform accurate retail sale transactions with absolute confidence.


Hot Pick Buttons

Frequently used stock lines are easily selected from readily customisable Hot-Pick buttons, which are categorised into popular departments. All changes and selections can be made effortlessly with either a mouse, or with the addition of a touch screen.

Store Lines

Beyond those everyday lines which are conveniently accessible from the Hot Pick buttons, any store line can also be added to a retail sale, with the aid of the built-in Product Selector. With this tool, used extensively throughout each of the iPharm modules, products can be selected by brand or generic name, form, pack size and strength. A Preferred Filter can also be activated to restrict a user’s selection if required.

Broken Packs

Point of Sale Item Edit

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While many pharmacy lines are purchased and stocked in “bulk” quantities, customers will often only require one or a handful of items from a larger pack. By making use of the Broken Pack feature, most commonly used for Imprest, additional retail only store lines are not required as the pack size can be set at the point of sale.

Script Charges

Patients with scripts that have been dispensed in iPharm, or an external dispensing package are easily added to any retail sale. Alternatively, a customers retail purchases are just as easily added to their account and combined with their scripts, for complete flexibility.


iPharm allows for absolute customisation of product pricing in each of it’s modules. Prices can be set to a standard or flexible markup, or bound to a set price regardless of the markup. If desired, you can also elect to allow users the ability to change a price at the point of sale.


Security is a major part of all iPharm modules, and POS is no different. By categorising users into groups, they can be restricted from changing prices, providing discount, or making the sale at all.

When combined with peripherals such as a cash drawer, docket printer or even a touch screen, iPharm’s POS module will be a welcome addition to any pharmacy.