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Whether you choose to perform your dispensing from an external package, or directly from within iPharm (for non PBS lines), iPharm provides powerful tools for reporting and monitoring total patient history.

iPharm’s Dispense module is a central repository and management centre for all items dispensed or billed to a patient from external and internal sources, including Manufacture and Multi-Dose.



iPharm provides the full compliment of tools to provide fast accurate dispensing to meet the needs of the most demanding pharmacy, handling all elements of the process with absolute ease. Repeat management, patient allergies, drug warnings and a host of other features are at your fingertips.

Dispense Multi-Dose

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Integrated seamlessly into the Dispense Module is an extremely flexible interface for handling just about any Multi-Dose requirements. A structured Profile system permits a patient to have one or many profiles to suit a variety of needs and outputs. Profiles can be configured for unit or strength dose methodologies (ideal for Methadone), as well as multiple outputs, including Webster Foils and packing machines like Automed. In addition, profiles can independently invoice the patient or institution via a script or imprest approach.


iPharm truly comes into it’s own with it’s ability to provide a full compliment of reports capable of combining all dispensing data (from manufacture, multi-dose and external packages) into one convenient result set. Medication Profiles and sophisticated script owing management reports are just part of the tool set available.


As with all iPharm modules, security is strictly monitored and controlled through the use of user passwords and authority groups which determine the actions a user can and cannot perform.