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Imprest is at the core of iPharm’s being, providing a host of tools for Imprest requisitions and management.


As distinct from iPharm’s Dispense module where items are dispensed to individuals, Imprest is structured around a Client / Cost Centre (hospital/ward) relationship.






Raising Imprest orders or requestions couldn’t be simpler, and can be achieved automatically, with the use of an iPharm Mobile device or manually. Manual ordering makes use of iPharm’s built-in Product Selector to select products by brand or generic name, form, pack size and strength. A Preferred Filter can also be activated to restrict a user’s selection if required. Additionally, orders can be created using a ward’s imprest list for picking purposes, for both speed and accuracy.


Broken Packs


Part or broken packs are easily handled and priced according to your needs, which provides for surcharges to be applied where and as required, depending on the nature of the sale. iPharm’s inventory module provides “linked product” functionality to mimic manufactured goods and fully account for broken pack resources inclusive of any repacking costs.


Imprest Lists


Imprest lists are an ideal clinical and cost management tool which can be maintained against individual wards and ward locations. They can also be used for remote stock take purposes, and to control products provided to specific clients.




Tracking product distribution in a busy pharmacy can be complex, but iPharm’s history monitoring system identifies when and to who products were ordered and delivered with the utmost ease.




Price management of Imprest lines allows for extensive customisation between both the products themselves, and the ward or cost centre they are destined for.




Several iPharm modules can create Imprest requisitions for billing purposes, including Manufacture and Multi-Dose. iPharm’s extensive reporting capabilities allow you to report exclusively on Imprest, or on a combination of all Imprest charges, including summarising generics for drug analysis.




Each iPharm module employs strict controls to ensure users only perform the tasks they have been assigned, yet still allow broad flexibility for reporting purposes.