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Mobile LocationsiPharm is a multi-store, multi-company, dispensing and distribution package, ideal for use in either hospital pharmacy, pharmacies servicing hospitals & nursing homes, or just about any distribution business.

As a single point of entry for so many pharmacy functions, increased productivity gains and efficiencies are just the beginning. Currently comprising 8 tightly integrated modules, iPharm could be considered the “Swiss Army” solution for your pharmacy.


Of course, iPharm is just as happy as a stand alone system as it is when interfacing with PBS dispensing packages, such as FRED and WiniFRED. iPharm is the perfect solution to augment your existing software with improved stock control and accounting.


In a multi-campus site or wide area network environment, iPharm’s multi-store functionality really begins to excel, supporting centralised OR decentralised management of all major operations.

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iPharm - Imprest

Dispense Multi-Dose

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Imprest is at the core of iPharm’s being, providing a host of tools for Imprest requisitions and management.


As distinct from iPharm’s Dispense module where items are dispensed to individuals, Imprest is structured around a Client / Cost Centre (hospital/ward) relationship.

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iPharm - Dispense


Whether you choose to perform your dispensing from an external package, or directly from within iPharm (for non PBS lines), iPharm provides powerful tools for reporting and monitoring total patient history.

iPharm’s Dispense module is a central repository and management centre for all items dispensed or billed to a patient from external and internal sources, including Manufacture and Multi-Dose.

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iPharm -Manufacture

Manuafacturer TreatmentThe Manufacturing module will empower your users to handle complex procedures with relative ease, for both Oncology and Total Parental Nutrition (TPN). Constructing a treatment regime from scratch, making use of Protocol Templates, scheduling and monitoring patient treatments, and more, make this module essential for any manufacturing pharmacy.

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iPharm - Accounts Payable

Accounts PayableStock purchase management is critical to any inventory sensitive business, especially pharmacy. This module controls both vendors and purchases, as well as the stores (iPharm sites) that can make use of them.

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