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Mobile LocationsiPharm is a multi-store, multi-company, dispensing and distribution package, ideal for use in either hospital pharmacy, pharmacies servicing hospitals & nursing homes, or just about any distribution business.

As a single point of entry for so many pharmacy functions, increased productivity gains and efficiencies are just the beginning. Currently comprising 8 tightly integrated modules, iPharm could be considered the “Swiss Army” solution for your pharmacy.


Of course, iPharm is just as happy as a stand alone system as it is when interfacing with PBS dispensing packages, such as FRED and WiniFRED. iPharm is the perfect solution to augment your existing software with improved stock control and accounting.


In a multi-campus site or wide area network environment, iPharm’s multi-store functionality really begins to excel, supporting centralised OR decentralised management of all major operations.

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First POS

Coming Soon

First POS is a completely independent standalone Point Of Sale system capable of meeting the needs of most retailing environments.

Fully customisable, user friendly interface categorising items into separate categories and subcategories, and further highlighting items in common product groups.

First Quotes

Coming Soon

First Quotes is an essential productivity tool for producing professional looking quotations and track conversion rates.

First Executive

Coming Soon

First Executive combines many of the elements of our stand alone applications into a robust, modular, multi-store accounting and distribution application.

Business need only select the modules most applicable to your business, for the most cost effective and streamlined solution.

Modules include:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Quotations
  • Point Of Sale
  • Equipment Hire
  • Inventory
  • Sales Orders


First Trader

Coming Soon

First Trader is a unique tool designed to assist share traders with both the management and monitoring of your day to day trading needs.

First Trader allows for multiple trades in multiple trading systems, each with their own triggers and events to help you manage your trades more efficiently.

First Trader expands on the functionality of Metastock, but is equally functional without Metastock installed.

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